Continuous Improvement

CIRCOR Energy's primary goal is to fundamentally advance, and generate successful, tangible benefits for our customers, our industry and our global infrastructure.

In order to achieve these results, we pursue operational excellence every day through the alignment of people, processes and technology, and drive superior results through the pursuit of repeatable, reliable and lean processes that focus on continuous improvement.

Through the utilization of the CIRCOR Business System, we are:

  • Applying LEAN and Six Sigma for speed, flexibility & efficiency
  • Eliminating waste across the company (cost, quality, time, resource, space)
  • Delivering better performance to customers
  • Building a results-driven leadership and continuous improvement culture
  • Improving cash flow through inventory reduction or increased inventory turns

We began building a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence in 2005. Since then, we have taken our process to the next level by developing "model lines" with the goal of redesigning the entire product stream, from suppliers to customers, for breakthrough performance and efficiency.

We are also applying Lean and Six Sigma techniques to non-manufacturing processes as well, improving administrative and supply chain processes to significantly enhance our customers' operational capabilities.

Although Circor Energy is still on its Lean journey, we have already shortened lead times and improved delivery performance to customers; enhanced the quality of our products; freed up factory space enabling facility consolidations and cost savings; and improved the work environment for our employees.