Pipeline Engineering Opens New Headquarters

(May 20th 2006)

19th May 2006 saw the official opening of the new International Headquarters for Pipeline Engineering by The Rt Hon William Hague, MP and UK Government Shadow Foreign Secretary.

The new facility took 9 months to build and represents an investment of $5m towards the future growth and success of the Company. The site which occupies 40,000 sq.ft. will enable Pipeline Engineering to co-ordinate and manage all commercial and production requirements efficiently and effectively.

The rapid growth of Pipeline Engineering over the last four years meant, that unless plans for future growth were put in place, the Company was going to encounter production and supply issues, which would impact on the Company's growth strategy to capture the burgeoning market in pipeline flow assurance.

This new facility brings together production from three sites and has allowed the company to introduce modern "flow line" technology. The impact of this has been immediate with improved efficiencies and extra capacity, helping us to retain our cost competitive position in the market and also enabling us to reduce delivery lead times.

90% of our output is exported, so scheduling and delivery are critical to ongoing operations, especially as clients in the energy sector require products and services supplied to shorter lead times to meet increased urgency in the energy sector.

Willy Watson, Managing Director says, "The building of this new Headquarters and manufacturing facility is vital for our future success. It has involved a lot of hard work and represents a significant investment by the Company, but the results are worthwhile and most importantly, we are now in a position to capitalise on our strong market position and develop new business opportunities from around the world to further grow the Company."