Offshore Wind Farm Cables Protected with Bend Restrictors

(May 31st 2007)

PE has recently designed and built Bend Restrictors which are now operational on the Beatrice Wind Farm Project. The Bend Restrictors and J tube seals were designed as a joint venture with JDR.

The PE Bend Restrictors are being used to limit the bending of power and communication cables supplied by JDR between the Wind Turbine Generating Units and the Beatrice AP Platform.

The Beatrice Wind Farm is regarded as a flagship project for deepwater offshore wind energy development and this €41m project has seen the installation of two wind turbines adjacent to the Beatrice Field in the North Sea.

To meet the calculated locking radius and load bearing capability the Bend Restrictors needed to be 3m long and were assembled on the lay vessel prior to being spooled into position.

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