PE Appoints New Director of Technical Development

(July 10th 2007)

Gordon Short has recently joined PE as Director of Technical Development.

Gordon is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and has worked for more than 20 years in the oil and gas sector. He has been involved with and worked on a wide range of technical, engineering and research projects and brings a wealth of experience to this newly created position at PE.

Gordon has previously held positions with Bechtel, BHR Group and Weatherford's. He was founder and Managing Director of RST Projects from 1994 and 2002.

Widely recognised in the industry, Gordon has authored at least 14 papers/articles on pigging/operations/technology.

Gordon has been involved in many projects to either ensure the piggability of pipeline systems/ components or developing customised pigging tools to address specific needs.

Gordon was one of the two joint patentees of the SAAM tool after initially leading and then overseeing the development of the tool over an 8 year period. He was involved in surveying approximately 70 pipelines using SAMM through to 2002.

While at Weatherford's, Gordon was responsible for setting up and managing the Pipelines Group R & D team and led the development of projects such as the Multical 360 multichannel calliper tool and the Frontier subsea flooding and testing unit.

PE are delighted to welcome Gordon to its team. PE has always placed a high level of importance on research and technology, which has led to many innovative and groundbreaking developments including:

  • Patented multi-diameter pig support system 'Paddle Pig'
  • Patented sealing element for use in hyperbaric welding operations
  • High grade Omnithane® polyurethane
  • Magnetic pigs to collect ferrous debris
  • Pigs for low flow lines
  • Flange weld testers to allow hydrostatic testing of weld zones
  • ROV operable pipeline recovery tools

This new role reflects the importance PE places on developing pigging and flow assurance products, with Gordon being responsible for developing our R&D activities, specifically focusing on the development and commercialisation of new technology.