PE Introduces a New Range of Product Literature

(July 17th 2007)

The range of literature available from PE has been enhanced with the introduction of a series of new Product Leaflets.

The first three leaflets have now been produced and are available either printed or electronically.

These leaflets are for:

  • SOLO SEALING TOOL - A special pig developed by PE to seal the ends of pipes subsea for hyperbaric welds.
  • WELDING PIG – A special pig developed by PE to seal the ends of pipes to allow pipe welding to be carried out prior to laying land based pipelines.
  • BEND RESTRICTOR – A series of Omnithane® polyurethane components which are interlocked to restrict the bending of umbilicals and cables by locking when the minimum bend radius is achieved.

Each leaflet describes the product, outlines its key features and benefits and details any operational requirements.

These leaflets can be accessed from this web site by clicking the link below. They are the first in a series of product leaflets that PE will be producing over the coming months.

Click to access Product Leaflets