Jet Fuel Pipeline Repair

(August 15th 2007)

PE was requested to provide a repair solution to a damaged 10" jet fuel pipeline. This pipeline had been damaged during directional drilling to lay fibre optic cables. As a result of this, the pipeline had been shutdown and due to the operational requirements and location, a quick resolution was essential to minimalise disruption to the normal site activities.

PE provides a range of Project Management and Engineering Consultancy Services and was contacted by the Site Contractor to see if we were able to offer a solution.

Initially our Project Management Team undertook a site survey to assess the damage and determine the most appropriate remedy. Following this survey, a detailed proposal to repair and fully test the damaged pipeline was offered to the client. This proposal included the provision of all Project Management and Engineering Services by PE.

The client accepted our recommendations and PE was awarded the contract to provide a repair to the pipeline and required localised testing.

Our Engineering Services Team took responsibility to carry out this project. The required work included:

  • Isolation of the pipeline using PE Compression Plugs and isolation of the area for welding operations due to the risk of residual fuel.
  • Cold cutting of the damaged pipeline and preparation of the pipeline for welding
  • Welding of new flanges to the pipeline
  • Non-destructive testing to include 100% radiography and localised hydrotesting using PE Flange Weld Testers
  • Insertion and welding of pipe spool which was fabricated at our own Fabrication Workshop
  • Reconnection of the cathodic protection system

PE is able to bring a range of products, skills and expertise to contracts which was typified on this project – Specialist equipment manufactured and provided by PE included Compression Plugs and Flange Weld Testers, combined with the operational knowledge required to use this equipment. Our own Fabrication Workshop produced the new connecting pipe and a team of welders was available for site based operations.

Our Engineering Services Team carried out the work over a 5 day period. The project was completed ahead of schedule and to the full satisfaction of the client.

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