New Web Page on Production Cleaning Services

(November 1st 2007)

Expertise within PE has enabled us to continue to increase the range of services we offer the Oil, Gas and process industries and a new page on Production Cleaning Services has been added to our web site.

Production cleaning services has been an area where PE has always had extensive expertise and the new page on the web site reflects this. Outlined on this production cleaning services page is the range of services available, including:

  • Data gathering / site surveys
  • Pre-inspection pipeline cleaning
  • Pipeline cleaning methodology
  • Pipeline pigging procedures
  • Design, testing and validation of specialist cleaning tools
  • Supply of specialist cleaning tools and cleaning equipment
  • Progressive pipeline cleaning
  • Execution of field operations
  • Management of third party services
  • Hazard / risk assessments
  • Design, fabrication and installation of pig launchers / receivers

Also outlined on this page is Case Study highlighting production cleaning to remove wax and scale from a crude oil pipeline, details of the production cleaning resources available from PE and a link to request engineering support services.

Production Cleaning Services - Web Page Link