New Web Page on Modification of Hazardous Pipelines

(November 1st 2007)

Expertise within PE has enabled us to continue to increase the range of services we offer the Oil, Gas and process industries and a new page on Modification of Hazardous Pipelines has been added to our web site.

Reasons for pipelines to be modified are varied and include:

  • Repairs to leaking pipes
  • Replacement of damaged sections
  • Sealing of redundant lines
  • Pipeline commissioning and decommissioning

This new page outlines the range of pipeline modification services provided by PE which includes:

  • Valve fitting and replacement
  • Launcher and receiver installation
  • Pipe section isolation
  • Repair methods and procedures
  • Decommissioning
  • Re-commissioning leak testing
  • Spool piece manufacture and fitting
  • Cold cutting
  • In-service pipe welding and weld repairs
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Full site procedures, quality and risk assessments
  • Consultancy services

Also outlined on this page is a Case Study highlighting an emergency repair to a pipeline, details of pipeline modification services available from PE and a link to request engineering support services.

Modification of Hazardous Pipelines - Web Page Link