Rapid Opening End Closure Selected

(April 25th 2008)

PE has been involved with the supply of pipeline end closures for ongoing activities as part of the Karachaganak Development Project.

This required the supply of pig launchers and pig receivers. These pig traps needed to be fitted with rapid opening and closing systems to allow safe and fast access to the pipelines.

PE was responsible for the design and build of both the launchers and receivers and our Rapid Opening Closure (ROC) which meets the rigorous ASME VIII Div 1 UG35 design code were fitted to the traps.

PE's Rapid Opening Closure is an ideal access mechanism to pipelines. It is regularly specified for use on pig launchers and pig receivers, particulalrly those that require regular access.

PE's Rapid Opening Closure is quick to open (normally this process takes approximately 30 seconds), it is safe to use and can be fitted to horizontal, vertical, inclined or declined mountings.

Four of the 24 inch Quick Opening Closures were required for this contract. PE designed, manufactured and tested the end closures and then installed them to the launchers and receivers during fabrication.

PE's Intrusive Pig Signallers were also fitted to each launcher and receiver.

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