PE is Awarded ISO14001 for its Environmental Management System

(June 6th 2008)

PE is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the ISO14001 certification from LRQA for our Environmental Management System.

This has been achieved after many months of development and refinement of our environmental procedures to meet the required standards and ensure we are carrying out best environmental practices.

Willy Watson, Managing Director commented "It has always been my ambition that Pipeline Engineering is recognized for its professionalism in all aspects of its business. ISO14001 and our concern for the environment is yet another step towards this aim"

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the international specification for an environmental management system (EMS) which specifies requirements for establishing an environmental policy. It determines the environmental aspects and impacts of products/activities/services, and is used to plan and implement environmental objectives and targets, check procedures that have been put in place, implement corrective actions and conduct management reviews.

Benefits of Achieving ISO 14001

Achievement of this standard sends out a powerful statement about our environmental credentials. Having our Environmental Management System independently assessed by LRQA, demonstrates our commitment to environmental issues to our customers, suppliers, employees and all interested parties.

Attainment of ISO14001 will also help to ensure that as the company grows, we maintain and implement appropriate environmental policies, continue to reduce and better manage environmental risks, maintain and implement all legal and regulatory requirements, provide cost savings and improve working and operational procedures.

Also, especially in recent times, the Oil and Gas industry has become increasingly aware of the need to make positive contributions to the environment and it is now common practice for operators and contractors to include an assessment of suppliers Environmental Policies as part of their pre-qualification and auditing procedures. Having ISO14001 is a verified independent assessment and approval of our Environmental Management System and is generally regarded as the most relevant and important environmental standard for a company to attain.

How was ISO14001 Achieved?

To achieve ISO14001, PE has, with the support and relevant input of LRQA, updated and itemised its Environmental Management System including setting up a Green Charter which outlines the Environmental Objectives and Targets of the Company. This Green Charter can be viewed on the Company website at:

Throughout the implementation process, we developed appropriate environmental systems and procedures, where training needs were identified; the training was carried out through both internal and external sources. ISO14001 has been achieved through total commitment and support at all levels within the Company.

The Environmental Management System now in place establishes procedures, work instructions and controls to ensure that implementation of the policy and achievement of the targets can become a reality. Communication is a vital factor and all personnel are aware of their responsibilities, aware of the objectives of the scheme, and able to contribute to its success.

Our EMS system is subject to both internal and external audits to ensure that it is effective in operation, is meeting the objectives and targets and continues to perform in accordance with relevant legislation and standards. The audits also provide an ideal forum to consider possible improvements for the future and ensure that environmental considerations remain a priority within the company.

Download Pipeline Engineering Green Charter