PE Raises the bar on Health & Safety

(June 19th 2008)

PE recognises the importance of establishing and maintaining safe systems of work. To further enhance our Health and Safety performance and demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement, over the past year PE has further reinforced its Safety Management systems by development and implementation of additional appropriate Health & Safety Procedures throughout the business.

To support this development PE has appointed:

  • A Health & Safety Manager who reports directly to the Managing Director on matters of Health & Safety
  • A Health, Safety & Environment Co-ordinator to record, analyse and report on all H, S & E matters

As a result of these appointments new Health & Safety procedures have been implemented, existing procedures have been improved as necessary and a new Health & Safety Policy Manual has been introduced. This Manual and all procedures are in line with the requirements of OHSAS 18001.

PE is now in a far stronger position in terms of identifying and implementing changes aimed at improving safety performance. PE is better able to deal with the increasing demand created by H & S issues from Government / EU legislation and PE is able to meet the Health & Safety demands of customers, who very often, as part of their approval process, look to use suppliers who reflect their own high standards.

PE operates in an industry in which Safety has an increasingly high profile and safety performance and culture are critical to our success. Accident statistic reporting has been greatly influential in raising awareness of the need to carry out daily duties in a safe manner and has enabled us to accurately identify root cause and target accidents by type. This dynamic approach to Health & Safety awareness is having a dramatic impact with a 60.4% reduction in reported accidents in the last year. A "zero accident" attitude is now in place and all employees are working pro-actively to achieve a safe and healthy working environment.

PE has always been aware of the need to act in a responsible manner with regard to Health & Safety, as a result of improvements made during the past year we are beginning to benefit from Health & Safety being adopted into our company culture. Ultimately this benefits both employees and the customers we service.