Aberdeen Service Centre Opens

(July 9th 2008)

PE Opens Service Centre in Aberdeen

PE has recently opened a new Service Centre in Aberdeen. This reflects the company's growth in providing both product and service expertise to the Oil, Gas and other process industries.

Why has this Service Centre been opened?

PE operates throughout the world. As well as its UK Head Office, PE also has offices in Houston, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

Demand for service support by North Sea Operators has continued to grow and it was clear that as part of PE's development, a service centre close to North Sea operations would help meet this demand. This would further enable additional services to be provided as part of its overall support package.

PE Believes that this local presence will bring several benefits including:

  • PE can respond quicker to client needs
  • PE is closer to many of its clients
  • PE is closer to other related service providers
  • PE will be able to add additional services to benefit the industry

Providing Services Becomes Increasingly Important

PE has for a long time been recognised as a leading manufacturer of pipeline pigging and flow assurance products. By using its in-house engineering skills base and when required adding additional skills, PE has been able to integrate service support to its core activities. Willy Watson, Managing Director commented "We saw moving into service support as a natural way to continue to grow our business while supporting the industries we service. Providing support services will give us the opportunity to work closer with our clients and ensure best results from the products we supply".

PE Diversifies into Service Support

PE's move into service support has been well planned and the growth well managed. The Company committed itself to this process in 2003 when it set up the PE Solutions Division, headed by Special Projects Director, Dave Bacon.

The range of services has grown and now includes:

  • Design, development and production of Special Cleaning Pigs
  • Cleaning tool prototyping and testing
  • Project management and consultancy
  • Calliper surveys
  • Hydrotesting services
  • Flange and joint testing
  • Pipeline isolation
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Pig refurbishment and repair
  • Training services

Dave Bacon commented, "We have strategically added to the range of services we provide to ensure we continue to support and meet industry needs. We are delighted to have opened the new Service Centre in Aberdeen which will allow us to increase the range of services we can offer."

What Services will be available from the Aberdeen Service Centre ?

The main services available from this Service Centre are:

  • Pipeline Pig Refurbishment and Repair
  • Pipeline Pig Cleaning
  • Flange Weld Testing & Internal Joint Testing – Hire Services
  • Pigging Product Spare / Replacement Parts

Engineering resources and project management personnel will also be available to discuss particular project requirements, especially projects that are likely to require specialist engineering and support services.

Pipeline Pig Refurbishment and Repair

Pig refurbishment involves the replacement of worn parts to extend the working life of cleaning pigs. Normally pigs for refurbishment are metal bodied pigs and the discs, cups, blades, brushes or other attachments such as magnets require replacement or refurbishment over time.

Wear lines have been added to PE pig cups and discs to make it clear when refurbishment or replacement is required. Stock of key replacement parts will be available at the Aberdeen Service Centre and PE engineers will be on hand to assess pigs for refurbishment, report to clients on their condition and carry out a full refurbishment service.

Being closer to clients provides operators with local access to specialist advice and allows pigs to be quickly refurbished, ready for service again.

This pig refurbishment service is not limited to pigs supplied by PE. The capability exists to refurbish other Vendor pigs as well.

Specialist Hire Services – Internal Joint Testing & Flange Weld Testing

PE's range of internal joint testers and flange weld testers is now stored at the Aberdeen Service Centre and ready for immediate use. Our engineering team is available to advise on equipment selection and operation.

PE's range of equipment includes flange weld testers and internal joint testers for pipe sizes ranging from ½ inch to 36 inches. Our Hire Services Team is available to support clients with their hire needs. Trained personnel, based at the Service Centre, are available to offer support and advice on bespoke testing equipment and testing equipment for pipes or joints above 36 inches.

Full Service Support

The above highlights the key activities from the Aberdeen Service Centre. PE will also be able to also assist from its Head Office in Catterick, UK with many other support services provided by its Solutions team. PE is delighted to open this service centre, the next phase in the company's ambition to offer a totally integrated product and service support package.