PE Presented a Paper on Multi-Diameter Pigging at 2008 PPSA Seminar

(November 12th 2008)

PE presented a paper on multi-diameter pigging at the recent PPSA Seminar in Aberdeen.

The title of the PE paper was:

"Multi-diameter Pigging – Factors affecting the design and selection of pigging tools for multi-diameter pipelines"

With many years experience in pipeline pigging, PE is able to offer solutions to some of the most complex multi-diameter pipelines where pigging is required.

This presentation considered pigging tool selection for pipelines with two or more significant internal diameters, which therefore require multi-diameter pigs, capable of negotiating the different internal diameters, whilst also carrying out the necessary pipeline cleaning operation.

The presentation included an analysis of pipeline features that affect pigging tool selection and then went on to look at other variables that determine the pigging tool design. The presentation looked at the technology and engineering expertise PE utilises to design, develop and test multi-diameter pigs prior to final deployment in operational pigging programmes.

As well as presenting this Paper PE also had an exhibition stand and representatives were available to assist with any pipeline pigging or flow assurance requirements.