PE Aberdeen Service Centre Open for Operators and Contractors

(December 2nd 2008)

On the 26th November Operators and Contractors in Aberdeen were invited to the PE Aberdeen Service Centre, which was opened in July 2008 and provides a range of support services for operators and contractors working in the North Sea.

The main services available from this Service Centre include:

  • Pipeline Pig Refurbishment and Repair
  • Pipeline Pig Cleaning
  • Flange Weld Testing & Internal Joint Testing – Hire Services
  • Pigging Product Spare / Replacement Parts

PE has opened this Service Centre to support operators and contractors. Benefits will include:

  • PE can respond quicker to client needs
  • PE is closer to many of its clients
  • PE is closer to other related service providers
  • PE will be able to add additional services to benefit the oil and gas industry

In addition to the above, other services provided are:

  • Design, development and production of Special Cleaning Pigs
  • Cleaning tool prototyping and testing
  • Project management and consultancy
  • Caliper surveys
  • Pipeline isolation
  • Pipeline cleaning
  • Training services

Several major operators took the opportunity to visit the Service Centre where they met key personnel, as well as PE Head Office representatives. Visitors were shown the range of equipment at the centre including our Internal Joint Testing and Flange Weld Testing equipment which is available for hire. The processes being implemented for Pig Refurbishment and pig cleaning were outlined and AMPL, our Automatic Multiple Pig Launching System was shown.

Operators and contractors from the Aberdeen region are welcome to visit the Service Centre at any time. To arrange a visit please ring the Service Centre on 01224 879302.