New Brochures from PE

(January 26th 2009)

PE Introduces New Brochures for Metal Products and Polyurethane Products

In addition to our corporate brochure, PE has recently introduced new brochures for each of our specialist parts of our business.

We now have brochures for:

  • Solutions
  • Metal Products
  • Polyurethane Engineered Products

The Solutions Brochure provides information about our full range of Project Management and Engineering Consultancy services for pipelines.

Areas of expertise included in the Solutions Brochure include:

  • Design, Development and Production of Special Cleaning Pigs
  • Pig Prototyping and Testing
  • Product Deployment and Retrieval
  • Pipeline Cleaning, Management and Consultancy
  • Caliper Surveys
  • Hydrotesting Services
  • Flange and Joint Testing
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Pipeline Isolation
  • Pipeline Pigging Campaigns Validation

The Metal Products Brochure provides information about our fabrication and machining capabilities with emphasise on the specialist products that we manufacture including:

  • Pig Launchers / Pig Receivers / Pig Traps
  • Rapid Opening Closures / Quick Opening End Closures
  • Pig Signallers
  • Subsea Laydown Heads
  • Piggable Pipeline Tees
  • Pig Trolleys / Pig Loading and Pig Unloading Facilities
  • Automatic Multiple Pig Launching systems

The Polyurethane Engineered Products Brochure provides details of our expertise in polyurethanes related mainly to applications in the offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors, including offshore wind farms.

Key products highlighted in the brochure include:

  • Bend Restrictors
  • Cable / Umbilical / Pipe Protection
  • Cable Centralisers
  • J-Tube Seals
  • Static Stiffeners
  • Foam Protection Blocks (Star Bars)
  • Pipeline Pigs

The link below takes you directly to our Literature Page where all brochures can be accessed. The brochures are also on the relevant web pages.


Metal Products Brochure
Size: 2.4MB
Metal Products Brochure (Russian)
Size: 4.4MB
Polyurethane Engineered Products
Size: 3.1MB


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