Automated Multiple Pig Launching System Presented at PPSA Conference

(December 1st 2006)

David Bacon, James Carter, and Robin Brinham of Pipeline Engineering attended the Pigging Products & Services Association Conference (PPSA) in Aberdeen on 22nd November 2006.

The conference was entitled 'Pipeline Pigging Solutions to Operational Problems' and covered topics as diverse as the cleaning of high wax content pipelines to the application of ultrasound to in-line inspection.

At the conference we presented the new Automated Multiple Pig Launcher (AMPL®) to a group of over 80 delegates. The presentation of the AMPL® was very well received with the potential benefits of reduced cost, HSE liabilities and operator time acknowledged as key benefits.

The Pipeline Engineering Automated Multiple Pig Launching system can be fitted to existing launcher facilities without the need for costly trap modifications. The launch of the pigs with the AMPL® is controlled using bolt-on control technology and standard pigs instead of adapting the trap.

The Pipeline Engineering Automatic Multiple Pig Launching System can be retrospectively fitted to almost all currently in use pig launchers, with no adaption to the current configuration or the addition of any extra valving or control systems. The only addition is the specially designed launcher basket which can be removed easily if intelligent or any other non-routine pigging is required.

Several operators expressed interest in AMPL® with the next stage being proving and field trials ideally with operator involvement.

All papers at the conference were well received with the rising profile of pipeline pigging as a means of maintaining line integrity publicly acknowledged by the operators. BP, Shell, Total, Chevron, Maersk and Norsk were all in attendance and were enthusiastic about the pigging developments covered.

Pipeline Engineering also had an exhibition display highlighting our full range of pipeline pigs and engineered solutions for pipeline pigging and flow assurance and along with the Surestream stand had a most visible and well received input to the PPSA Conference.