New Web page for Gas Metering Systems

(November 18th 2009)

Pipeline Engineering has recently joined Circor International Inc. as featured in a previous News Item and as a result of this we now have the capability to fabricate Gas Metering Systems.

Gas Metering Systems are used to measure and manage the custody transfer of gas in a pipeline. Typically, Gas Metering Systems are located at critical measurement points on a pipeline such as international borders, interstate / county boundaries. Gas Metering Systems may also be located on gas producing platforms, gas separation plants, gas storage facilities, LNG plants and gas processing facilities.

Pipeline Engineering offers solutions for gas measurement and transmission through pipelines.

Measurement systems available include:

  • Ultrasonic Meter Skids
  • Orifice Meter Skids
  • Flow Control / SCADA
  • Valve Switching
  • Inter-connect Piping

Skid Mounted Metering Systems – Complete skid Mounted Metering Systems are fabricated in-house which helps ensure consistently high quality gas metering systems are produced faster than field-built options.

Pipeline Engineering has the capability to fabricate gas and liquid measurement skids to customer specifications and all applicable codes. This includes the fabrication of all orifice fittings, ultrasonic meters, positive displacement meters, or any equipment to ensure accurate measurement of product in the pipeline.