New Web Page for Pig Signaller

(November 18th 2009)

Pig signallers are installed on pipelines to detect the passage of pipeline pigs and spheres.

The PE omni directional pig signaller is a mechanical / mechanical–electrical unit without dynamic seals which uses magnets to release a flag. The trigger is operated by a non-orientation sensitive trigger mechanism. The PE omni directional pig signaller can be supplied as flange mounted or conventional welded boss mounted, it can be mounted via an isolation valve and is compatible with hot tap boss.

Go to the link below to view the new web page for our omni directional pig signaller and find out more about its specific features, benefits and applications. From the web page you can also access the Product Leaflet as well as request assistance if you have a specific project where the omni directional pig signaller may be required.

Omni Directional Pig Signaller