New Web Page for PECAT™ - A Pipeline Cleanliness Assessment Tool

(November 18th 2009)

PECAT™ is a pigging tool developed primarily to measure the cleanliness of pipelines particularly prior to high resolution inline inspection and the decommissioning of pipelines.

PECAT™ also incorporates a caliper system and additional process data logging capability.

PECAT™ uses state of the art unique sensor and data logging technology to measure the location and quantity of debris in pipelines as well as other parameters such as ovality (caliper), temperature, differential pressure, all in the same pigging run.

Go to the link below to view the new web page for PECAT™ and find out more about its specific features, benefits and applications, as well as access the product leaflet. From this page you can also request assistance if you have a specific project where PECAT™ may be able to support you.

PECAT™ - Pipeline Cleanliness Assessment Tool