Pipeline Engineering Wins Queen's Award for Enterprise

(April 21st 2010)

Pipeline Engineering has won The Queen's Award for Enterprise which is the most prestigious award in the United Kingdom for business performance. This is based on our exports in recent years, which have grown 150% since 2004, representing over £50m of export business over the period.

We specialise in the supply of equipment and services for the maintenance and cleaning of high pressure oil and gas pipelines. Since 1997, when the Company was bought out by the management team, it has grown to become the leading company in the niche market known as "utility pigging". This is the process of sending "pigs" down pipelines up to 1.5m in diameter over distances as far as 1000km, both on and offshore. These pigs are sent down new pipelines to ensure they are clear of any debris and sent down operational pipelines to clean and inspect the insides of the pipewall and ensure that pipelines operate efficiently to maximise product flow.

Pipeline Engineering has been able to differentiate itself in the market by uniquely designing each pigging tool for maximum efficiency in the pipeline. In addition to manufacturing the pigs, we make the pig launchers and pig receivers necessary to launch the "pigs" into the pipeline and receive the "pigs" from the pipeline.

We provide a specialist team of service engineers ready to travel anywhere in the world, not only to provide a pipeline cleaning service, but also to assist in locating and unblocking of pipelines.

Pipeline Engineering has kept ahead of the game through technical innovation, leading the industry with state of the art specialist pigging tools for pigging difficult lines, and products such as AMPL, for automated multiple pig launching, Acoustek®, for locating blockages & leaks, even in remote locations, and PECAT™, for locating and measuring debris build up pipelines. In addition, the Company has recently entered the offshore wind farm market providing cable protection systems, building on their expertise in polyurethane products and subsea capability.

Over the years the Company has expanding globally and today have offices and service centres in Aberdeen, Houston, Abu Dhabi, Nigeria, Spain, Singapore and Australia. In October 2009 the Company was acquired by Circor International Inc a Wall Street quoted international engineering business specialising in flow technology.

Pipeline Engineering has been accredited to many international standards including the quality standard ISO9001, environmental standard ISO14001, health and safety standard OHSAS 18001, (subject to Technical Review), and the specialist oil and gas equipment quality standard ISO/TS 29001.

In the words of the Managing Director, Willy Watson, "winning this prestigious award is the icing on the cake and reflects the considerable effort all the employees of Pipeline Engineering have put into the Company to raise it from a small North Yorkshire business providing equipment to the North Sea to a major player in the international pipeline industry with an exceptional professional image for quality products and services."