Pipeline Leak Detection Tool Nominated for Awards

(November 11th 2010)

Acoustek® has been recently nominated for several awards that include Innovative Product of the Year at the IChemE 2010 Awards which took place on 4th November. Pipeline Engineering is delighted to announce that Acoustec® was awarded the Highly Commended classification at this ceremony. Acoustec® has also been nominated for two IET 2010 Innovation awards: Asset Management and Measurement in Action.

Acoustek®, which utilises acoustic reflectometry to detect blockages in gas pipelines, has been developed by Pipeline Engineering and the University of Manchester. Since 2008, Acoustek® has been successfully deployed in several offshore and onshore gas pipelines. The technology has also been selected to be presented at several peer-reviewed international conferences including the 8th International Pipeline Conference and the ADIPEC 2010 Conference.

"Comparing with traditional blockage detection methods, this technology is fast, accurate and cost effective," said Dr Xuesong Wang, R&D Engineer for Acoustek®.

"This technology succeeded where other technologies failed," said Professor Barry Lennox of the University of Manchester.

Dr David Mackay of BP added: "In a recent problem, Acoustek® was able to survey a section of offshore gas pipeline and correctly identify and locate a near complete blockage approximately 500m from the host platform. The initial survey was performed in a matter of hours. The technique offered several advantages over radiographic techniques in this instance, including remote survey without the need for an ROV support vessel, and the ability to survey sections of the pipeline buried under rock."

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