PE is awarded Outstanding for its KTP

(March 28th 2011)

PE is awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Certificate of Excellence

PE has recently been awarded the highest grade of "Outstanding" for its Knowledge Transfer Partnership which ran with The University of Manchester from 20th March 2008 until 7th August 2010.

The objective of this partnership was to develop acoustic technology for application in high pressure natural gas pipelines, enabling provision of innovative pipeline defect detection technology and related services.

The aim of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership is to strengthen the competitiveness, wealth creation and economic performance of the UK by the enhancement of knowledge and skills and the stimulation of innovation through collaborative projects between business and the knowledge base.

Objectives of Knowledge based Partnerships include the transfer of knowledge and the spread of technical and business skills, through innovation projects undertaken by high calibre, recently qualified people under the joint supervision of personnel from business and the knowledge base; providing company-based training for graduates in order to enhance their business and specialist skills; stimulating business relevant research and education undertaken by the knowledge base; increasing interactions by business with the knowledge base and their awareness about the contribution the knowledge base can make to business development and growth.

To achieve this PE employed a recent graduate of the University of Manchester and then worked very closely with the university to develop a specialist tool for detecting blockages and defects in gas pipelines.

The tool that was developed as a result of this Knowledge Transfer Partnership and is now being used successfully is called Acoustek®; it allows immediate assessment and analysis of pipelines to accurately identify and locate blockages or obstructions. This is achieved by using a patented technique of transmitting acoustic waves down a gas pipeline and analysing the pattern of the reflected waves to locate the blockages or obstructions. The Acoustek® tool is easy to deploy and can either be installed for continuous monitoring of a pipeline or set up and used on an as needed basis. Once operational it will accurately locate blockages or obstructions without disrupting gas flow or normal operations.

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Pipeline Engineering and The University of Manchester has enabled this acoustic technology to be developed and brought into commercial use far quicker than would have been the case otherwise.

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