PEFLEX - Cable Protection System for Offshore Wind Farms

(July 24th 2011)

Pipeline Engineering has recently developed PEFLEX, a subsea cable protection system designed for use on Offshore Wind Farms.

PEFLEX is a cable protection system used to protect freespan array and export cables on offshore wind farms.

The PEFLEX design combines a series of rigid interlocking polyurethane vertebrae half sections interspersed with elastomeric sleeves. The patented technology of PEFLEX results in increased strength and stiffness along the full cable length by restricting the bending of cables.

PEFLEX is positioned at the subsea entry of cables on J-Tube and J-Tubeless connections located on the monopiles of offshore substations and offshore wind farms.

Go to the link below to view the web page for Cable Protection Systems and find out more about PEFLEX. You can also access the PEFLEX product leaflet from this page. This PEFLEX leaflet describes its specific features, benefits and applications, as well the other on-site services we provide in relation to its use for the protection of cables on Offshore Wind Farms.

From this page you can also request assistance if you have a specific project requiring cable protection systems.

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