Pipeline Pigs - Investment in Cleaning Pigs

(January 11th 2007)

Pipeline Pig Range – Investment to Benefit Clients

Over the last twelve months we have undertaken a full review of our pipeline pig range to ensure we have a range of pipeline pigs that meet industry requirements, that are consistent in both design and quality and which provide unique/specific pigging solutions for the particular pipeline where they will be used.

Client focus has been paramount during this review with key objectives and areas given close attention being:

  • Service and delivery
  • Quality
  • Price competitiveness
  • Technical features
  • Design processes
  • Manufacturing processes

To meet these objectives the pigging range now uses a range of component parts with additional optional items to ensure that the produced cleaning pig is engineered to meet specific pipeline requirements.


Major investment in new facilities, plant and machinery has helped ensure we meet the objectives of service, delivery and quality.


Revue and adoption of range of component parts, evaluation of sub-contracted items and flow-line manufacturing is ensuring that we remain price competitive. The use of component parts has also streamlined the design process.


The pipeline pigs have been designed to enable additional technical features to be added which ensure we meet a diverse range of pipeline requirements. This also enables us to use our technical expertise to design and engineer special pigs to meet exact requirements of specific pipelines.


The significant investment in a new Head Office and Manufacturing Centre, occupying 40,000 sq.ft. has also helped ensure we meet the objectives set for the pipeline pig range. This is particularly the case for manufacturing where investment in new equipment alongside a new factory lay-out has allowed more efficient flow-line manufacturing to be implemented.

The implementation of the above, which followed this revue, is already benefiting our customers around the world and reflects our respected position in the marketplace for the design, development, testing and production of high quality, technologically advanced pipeline cleaning pigs.