CIRCOR Energy Launches New Severe Service Steam Control Valve for Steam Control, Steam Conditioning, and Turbine Bypass Applications

(December 9th 2014)

December 9, 2014 – TAMPA, FL – CIRCOR Energy, a global manufacturer of highly engineered valve and pipeline products, has launched a new severe service steam control valve. The Aeroflow Steam Control Valve (SCV) from Leslie Controls, a CIRCOR Energy brand, is the next generation Aeroflow product, which has been proven successful on a global scale for severe applications in Power Plants, Chemical & Petrochemical Processing Plants, and other major industries where steam control is essential.

The Aeroflow SCV is a severe service control valve system that minimizes end user ownership and installed costs. The Aeroflow SCV offers ZERO leakage, steam assisted desuperheating and multiple actuation options in a competitive package.

The Aeroflow SCV offers zero steam leakage, which results in less wasted energy. Eliminating valve leakage helps increase the life of the valve and surrounding equipment, all while increasing the overall efficiency of the facility. The Aeroflow SCV is the only metal seated, modulating control valve on the market with ZERO leakage (less than one drop per minute at rated differential pressure), tighter than Class VI shutoff.

About CIRCOR Energy
CIRCOR Energy is a market-leading, global provider of integrated flow control solutions specializing in the manufacture of highly engineered valves, fittings, pipeline products and services, and associated products, for critical and severe service applications in the oil and gas, power generation and process markets.

Comprised of best-in-class, historically significant product brands, CIRCOR Energy consistently satisfies its customers’ mission-critical needs by developing precision technologies that collectively improve their ability to control, manage, measure and regulate the safe and efficient use of fluids and other natural resources.

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