CIRCOR Energy – Distributed Valves Group – 1 Million Hours Without a Lost Time Injury

(January 7th 2015)

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – CIRCOR Energy announces milestone safety achievement by reaching 1 million hours worked without a lost time injury.  It has been over 24 months of operations since the Oklahoma City facility, which employs approximately 200 people, has experienced a lost time injury.

Reaching the 1 million hour mark is a direct result of the dedication to safety everyday by all of our employees at the Oklahoma City facility, said Erik Rasch, CIRCOR Energy EHS Manager.

CIRCOR Energy employees are empowered to take responsibility for their own and their co-workers safety by correcting unsafe behavior as it happens. Implementation of the EHS Council and Stop Work Authority program has helped identify and correct unsafe work conditions and behaviors.

CIRCOR attributes this milestone to the cultural focus and emphasis on safety. Our employees are motivated and excited about reaching this accomplishment and have already set their sights on reaching 2 million hours, said Perry Hawkins, CIRCOR International Director of EHS and Risk Management.

About CIRCOR Energy
CIRCOR Energy is a market-leading, global provider of integrated flow control solutions specializing in the manufacture of highly engineered valves, fittings, pipeline products and services, and associated products, for critical and severe service applications in the oil and gas, power generation and process markets.

Comprised of best-in-class, historically significant product brands, CIRCOR Energy consistently satisfies its customers’ mission-critical needs by developing precision technologies that collectively improve their ability to control, manage, measure and regulate the safe and efficient use of fluids and other natural resources.

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