Compressor Stations

A compressor station is a facility which provides the motive power for the transportation of natural gas from one location to another.  Natural gas, while being transported through a gas pipeline, needs to be constantly pressurized at certain distance intervals (usually compressor stations are located 40 to 100 miles apart along the pipeline, but are sometimes even farther apart).

The gas enters the compressor station with low pressure and velocity, looking for an energy source to move it further down the pipeline.  Once past the inlet valve, such as one of CIRCOR Energy’s three-piece, trunnion-mounted, Series P3 ball valves, the gas enters the compressor, which is driven by special, high-horsepower turbines, electric motors, or engines.  The compressor raises the internal pressure of the pipeline, which is then used to increase the flow rate of the natural gas inside the pipe. 

When it comes to a portfolio of proven valves that can withstand high pressures, choose CIRCOR Energy’ for durability and reliability.

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