Technical Innovator of Modular Sample Conditioning Systems

CIRCOR Tech is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of modular sample systems and components for use with process analyzers to provide monitoring and closed loop control of chemical processes. Available as turnkey systems or stand alone modules, Circor Tech products are designed to ANSI and ISA standards for surface mount technology (ANSI/ISA SP76) also known as NeSSI (New Sampling and Sensor Initiative). Circor Tech products are used extensively in the refining, basic & specialty chemical industries, plus industrial gases.

Circor Tech also acts as an OEM manufacturer for many global companies providing Circor Tech technology under private label to the end users.

Products & Services

  • Air actuated valves
  • Double block & bleed stream selection valves 
  • NeSSI sample systems (Generation 1 and Generation 2)
  • Hazardous area approved, digital bus multi-variable flow meters
  • Hazardous area approved, digital bus flow & pressure controllers
  • Electromechanical low-flow proportional control valves
  • Modular surface mount sample system components
  • Hazardous area approved diaphragm valves