Midstream Oil & Gas

The midstream market begins at the outlet of the wellhead choke valve and extends to the fence around the refinery or petrochemical plant. It includes all the ancillary equipment – such as oil field heaters that warm crude oil, required to move the product through the gathering and pipeline systems to the processing plants – as well as the gas processing plants that prepare and purify the raw natural gas for entrance into the major pipeline systems.

The gathering system collects crude oil and/or wet natural gas from the wellheads and transports it to a refinery or gas processing plant. The gathering system can range from a small system where gas is processed close to the wellhead, to a system that consists of thousands of miles of pipe collecting gas or crude oil from many wells.

Midstream activities include the processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and natural gas liquids (NGL's).

CIRCOR Energy is at the forefront of continuously engineering the products and services that will enable our customers to improve their ability to control the flow of the world's natural resources.

For midstream oil and gas markets, today we provide:

  • A single source for all of our customers' flow control needs
  • Technologies that withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, from land-based to sub-sea
  • The most comprehensive portfolio of valve products in the markets where we compete
  • Value added engineering & pipeline services to the pipeline integrity market, pipeline cleaning, cleanliness assessment (PECAT™), verification of pipeline & ancillaries fitness for purpose – all of which are augmented by in-house engineered products including quick opening end closures (ROC), pig signallers, pig launcher/receiver & pipeline pigs.

When it comes to developing highly engineered products and services for the world's most demanding applications, trust CIRCOR Energy.

Continuously improving flow control. Worldwide.