Maintaining the Standard for Performance Excellence in Severe Environments

In late 2009, the business unit responsible for Petrobras' platforms based on the Santos Basin off the coast of southern Brazil, contacted the CIRCOR Energy business unit KF Industries seeking replacement for a set of ball valves installed in its offshore Merluza Platform – which had been operating for almost 19 years without any maintenance.

KF Industries contacted its local distribution partner to satisfy Petrobras' local needs and provide all the information requested by Petrobras' engineering, including a guarantee of using the identical valve, and all necessary explanations, clarifications and technical assistance as appropriate.

Delivery time became a critical issue, and working in conjunction with KF's team at OKC and Brazil on a biweekly basis, the valves were ultimately shipped via air freight and delivered 15 days prior to the deadline.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, KF sent bi-weekly production status reports, and coordinated activities with an independent, Petrobras-accredited inspection company. While this was not a requirement on the purchase order, KF chose to provide this additional layer of oversight to assure Petrobras that it would be receiving the same high quality valves it needed for such a critical application.

Thanks to the combined efforts from KF and its local distributor, the delivery fulfilled every Petrobras requirement, without any notice of non-compliance, or deviations, including the full acceptance of the data book. In light of the above, Petrobras issued a recommendation letter to both groups, and informed its other offshore business units within the organization about this successful program.