Petrochemical Processing

Petrochemical processing covers the distillation, stripping, degassing, dehydrating, desulphurizing, and purifying of the crude oil to its constituent components or the natural gas to methane with traces of mercaptain added.

Through dedication to research and development – and partnering with our customers to create the products and services that will enable our customers to improve their ability to control the flow of the world's natural resources – CIRCOR Energy is at the forefront of engineering the evolution of our industry.

For petrochemical processing markets, today we provide:

  • A single source for all of our customers' flow control needs
  • Technologies that withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, from land-based to sub-sea
  • The most comprehensive portfolio of valve products in the markets where we compete
  • Pipeline mechanical weld testing equipment & services, minimizing downtime & and ensuring plant integrity, as well as complimentary engineering services.

When it comes to developing highly engineered products and services for the world's most demanding applications, trust CIRCOR Energy.

Continuously improving flow control. Worldwide.