Upstream Oil & Gas

Upstream markets commonly include all the equipment between the oil/gas reservoir and the outlet of the choke valve on the wellhead/Christmas tree, and incorporate all the activities associated with the installation of this equipment.

These processes typically include drilling the well, installing the casing, cementing it in place, hydraulic or mechanical fracturing of the well formation, and, finally, movement of the product to the wellhead. It is a term commonly used to refer to the search for, recovery, operation, and production of crude oil and natural gas. The upstream market is also known as the exploration and production (E&P) sector.

This is a time of great discovery and innovation in our industry, with new advances being put into operation every day. CIRCOR Energy, with decades of experience in upstream oil and gas technologies, is at the forefront of continuously engineering the products and services that will enable our customers to improve their ability to control the flow of the world's natural resources.

For upstream oil and gas markets, today we provide:

  • A single source for all of our customers' flow control needs
  • Technologies that withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, from land-based to sub-sea
  • The most comprehensive portfolio of valve products in the markets where we compete
  • Value added engineering & pipeline services to the pipeline integrity market, pipeline cleaning, cleanliness assessment (PECAT™), verification of pipeline & ancillaries fitness for purpose – all of which are augmented by in house engineered products including quick opening end closures (ROC), pig signallers, pig launcher/receiver & pipeline pigs.

When it comes to developing highly engineered products and services for the world's most demanding applications, trust CIRCOR Energy.

Continuously improving flow control. Worldwide.