Pipeline Products

At CIRCOR Energy, we take the approach that no two pipelines are alike.

We do not offer the closest equivalent off the shelf product, but review each project request as a unique requirement, designing each item to meet our customers' specific needs. The solution is then built up of modular component parts on our 3D CAD system, to ensure that the product will provide the most effective and cost-efficient service. These designs are then transferred to our computer-aided manufacturing system for timely manufacturing and assembly.

In view of the critical nature of a pipeline and its component parts with respect to the environment, safety and the economic importance of oil and gas, our products are tested to exacting standards before packaging and shipping. Where required, the products are tested in simulated pipeline conditions, to ensure the maximum effectiveness.

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Pipeline Products



Solutions Brochure
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Polyurethane Engineered Products
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Pipeline Pigging Tools
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Pipeline Pigging Tools (Russian)
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Metal Products Brochure
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Metal Products Brochure (Russian)
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