Polyurethane Products

Pipeline Engineering has been developing and refining polyurethane elastomers, particularly for the pipeline and offshore oil and gas industry, for more than 40 years. We have expert knowledge in the manufacture of polyurethanes and have developed our own polyurethane formulations (Omnithane®)

Engineering and design expertise at PE enables us provide bespoke polyurethane products for all industries

  • Oil & Gas
  • Renewables
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining and Quarrying
  • Paper
  • Food Processing
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Aerospace
  • Process Industries
  • General Manufacturing

PE Omnithane® is our own unique range of polyurethane elastomer materials used in our polyurethane products and suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Proven time after time in third party trials, the products we produce using Omnithane® polyurethanes benefit from having a range of physical properties including:

  • A broad range of hardness
  • Exceptional cut and tear resistance
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Superb load bearing capabilities
  • A wide operating temperature range

Different grades of Omnithane® are available to meet a range of operating and environmental conditions.

Quality - All polyurethane products are designed and manufactured in line with ISO 9001:2008 and the Oil and Gas Industries Quality Management Standard, ISO/TS29001:2003.

The environment - A progressive and responsible attitude to the environment has seen PE awarded ISO 14001. Where possible we use environmentally chemicals in our processes, which include not using hazardous chemicals such as MbOCA.

Client support - We are committed to creating working relationships with our clients to ensure we provide optimum solution to their requirements. This also includes ensuring that products are manufactured to the highest standard, on time and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Services support - A team of field service engineers are also available to provide site support and assistance for any project which involves the use of Pipeline Engineering's polyurethane products. This support is available worldwide.

Manufacture – Pipeline Engineering has a dedicated manufacturing zone for polyurethane products which includes the latest state of the art computer controlled rapid moulding machines, mixing and dispensing machines and tooling equipment. This ensures that our polyurethane products are of a consistently high quality. It also allows us to produce polyurethanes in far greater volumes and provide cost efficiencies for clients.

Testing - With increased volumes of polyurethanes being produced, testing for consistency and quality is critical. All polyurethanes are tested in our purpose built laboratory.

Our Omnithane® is also extensively tested during assembly and manufacture to ensure material consistency and performance.

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