Barred Tees

Barred tees and sphere tees are used in a pig launcher / receiver system and / or at branches in the pipeline to ensure the safe passage of a pig or sphere past the open branch area.

To complement our range of pigs and spheres pipeline engineering has the in-house engineering, manufacturing and testing capacity to produce piggable pipeline sphere tees and barred tees.

Piggable barred tees incorporate simple bar sections welded across the pipeline tee branch to allow a pig to negotiate the branch opening. Piggable tees are manufactured to specific customer project specifications and International pressure vessel and piping codes such as ASME, PD5500. Our capacity ranges from 2" to 54", ANSI Ratings 150 to 2500 and API, using carbon, stainless and alloy steel materials.

Piggable tee contracts are managed by our pressure vessels team who engineer, manufacture and test this type of equipment and Pig Launcher / Receiver Vessels. This team has particular expertise in supplying tees for sour service environments, which require NACE and corrosion tested (HIC/SSCC) materials.

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