Filtration Panels

Pipeline Engineering has been supplying filtration screens for many years. Polyurethane expertise has enabled us to produce high specification filtration screens used to perform a range of filtering needs in different industries. For example, water or sewerage purification often includes several filtration steps designed to remove impurities. Pipeline Engineering has refined the design of our screens to ensure efficient and effective filtration without the risk of blockages.

Years of proven performance have shown that the filtration screens we provide offer consistently high performance throughout their life and they are easily maintained and cleaned.

Renowned for our progressive approach and ability to respond to customer requirements we develop, prototype and test new concepts for clients to ensure the selected filtration screen offers the best results relative to the task it is performing.

Each type of screen that we produce is done to meet the unique requirements of our customers and our design and development teams work closely with clients to ensure optimum results are achieved.

This includes consideration of:

  • Polyurethane type
  • Hole size, shape and pattern
  • Open area
  • Outer margins
  • Tolerances
  • End patterns
  • Flexibility
  • Shape
  • Cleaning programmes

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