Foam Pigging Tools

Foam Pigs are generally used for liquid removal, swabbing, drying, product separation, cleaning and in the initial stages of progressive pipeline cleaning programmes. Foam pigging tools are ideal for pipelines and piping systems with very tight radii or mitred bends and where significant variations in internal diameters exist.

Pipeline Engineering manufactures foam pigs for all pipe sizes, including the largest pipelines of 56" and above. These moulded polyurethane foam pigs are available in three densities:

  • Light density – 1-2lb/cubic foot
  • Medium density – 5-8lb/cubic foot
  • Heavy density – 8-10lb/cubic foot

Our heaviest density foam pigging tools can travel up to 500km in a single run.

Foam pigging tools available from Pipeline Engineering include:

  • Bare foam pigs
  • Single Spiral foam pigs
  • Criss cross foam pigs
  • Criss cross silicone carbide foam pigs
  • Wire brush foam pigs

Foam pig selection is dependent on the operation to be performed and length of run required.

Expertise within Pipeline Engineering means we can adapt our standard range of foam pigs to include:

  • Extra length
  • Transmitter cavity
  • Jetting hole
  • Tow and lifting loops
  • Double dish (bi-directional)
  • Double nose (bi-directional)
  • Extra short

If you would like additional information, please click on any literature link below or Contact Us directly so that we may provide you with detailed specifications.




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