Metal Bodied Pigging Tools

Pipeline Engineering is a market leader in the design and manufacture of metal bodied pigging tools.

Metal bodied pigs are the most popular type of pigging tool used for pipeline operational duties. They can be configured to suit most purposes including cleaning, gauging, batching and separation.

Depending on the function that the metal bodied pig is required to perform, they can be fitted with a combination of components including cups, discs, brushes, plough blades, gauge plates, magnets and tracking equipment. Many of the components on a metal bodied pig can be replaced and are interchangeable making them suitable for a range of pigging operations.

Pipeline Engineering's expertise in metal bodied pigs has been built-up over many years and we incorporate the best components, including all polyurethane being manufactured from our Omnithane® polyurethane.

Metal bodied pigs that we offer includes:

  • Standard cup pigs
  • Conical cup pigs
  • Bi-directional pigs
  • Dual diameter pigs
  • Sealing/welding pigs
  • Long run pigs
  • Articulated pigs
  • Specialty pigs

Specialist Pigging Tools

While our standard range of mandrel pigs are suitable for many operations, expertise within Pipeline Engineering means we are able to design and develop specialty pigs to meet the requirements of individual pipelines. This is often necessary for operations in complex and demanding pipelines where we work working closely with clients to design and engineer the best fit pigging solution.

Pipeline Engineering recognises that where specialist pigging is required, additional support may also be necessary to complete the pigging runs and our engineering team is available to support clients with this.

If you would like additional information, please click on any literature link below or Contact Us directly so that we may provide you with detailed specifications.




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