Non-Intrusive Pig Signaler

Pipeline Engineering has a Non-Intrusive Signaler that is an extremely versatile permanent installation device for the detection of pig passages anywhere in a pipeline network.

  • Completely non-intrusive to the pipeline
  • Bi-directional detection
  • Detection of both transmitter and permanent magnet equipped pipeline pigs
  • Automatic retention of the 10 most recent pig passage times and dates
  • Easily bands to pipelines from 6" to 60"
  • Explosion proof case as standard
  • Works to wall thicknesses of 1.5 inches

Simply "band" the Non-Intrusive Signaler onto the pipeline and it immediately begins scanning for both transmitter and permanent magnet equipped pig passages. When pig passages do occur, their times and dates are displayed to the operator, along with a flashing "Recent Passage" message.

If multiple passages have occurred, you simply scroll back through the passage memory and retrieve the time and date of any of the last 10 passages.

The Non-Intrusive Signaler has as standard a fully certified aluminium explosion proof housing with tempered glass window. This allows installation anywhere within a pipeline system without paying extra for explosion rated locations.

The Non-intrusive Signaller operates for a full year on just two standard D-Cell alkaline batteries. Alternatively it can be equipped with solar panels and left to operate indefinitely.

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