Quick opening closures are pressure retaining structures designed to provide access to pipelines and pressure vessels.

Pipeline Engineering is world leader in the manufacture of quick opening closures and thousands of our ROC closures are in operation throughout the world.

Features of the ROC

  • Quick to open or close in just 30 seconds - two simple movements, removal of vent plug and the 25º turn of the handle is all that is required to rapidly release the closure
  • Available for horizontal, vertical, inclined or declined mounting
  • Safe – built to meet all the international codes and key operator specifications. Up to three levels of safety interlock to avoid opening under pressure.
  • Full 270º swing on door hinge
  • Hinge simply adjusted for height/reach
  • Simple and easily changed seal on most sizes making ongoing maintenance easy
  • Supplied fully leak tested to a pressure 1.5 times its design pressure parameter
  • Can be welded to its mating pipe without any disassembly

Typical applications for the ROC quick opening closure include

  • Pig launchers and pig receivers
  • Filter vessels
  • Metering skid systems
  • Strainers
  • Separators

The ROC quick opening closure is available to suit differing vessel sizes from 6" to 36" and for any pressure from ASME Class 150 though to class 2500. Where quick opening closure beyond 36" are needed we have the ROC II quick opening closure for larger diameter vessels.

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