Solid Cast Pigging Tools

Having developed the omnithane® range of polyurethanes, Pipeline Engineering is able to offer high performance solid cast pigs manufactured from a single piece polyurethane casting.

Solid cast pigs are mainly used in small diameter pipelines and being moulded as one piece, they are designed to be flexible; enabling them to traverse complex pipeline configurations.

Solid cast pigs are often used to remove product in short to medium distance, small diameter pipelines and in plant pipeline networks with multiple changes in direction. In these circumstances, solid cast pigs are ideal for keeping pipelines clear of wax or deposit build-up. Solid cast pigs also offer a solution to pipeline cleaning in pipelines where metal bodied pigging tools cannot be considered.

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Pigging Services - World Pipelines - Case Studies in Pre-Inspection Cleaning - July 2012
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Pipeline Pigging Tools
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Pipeline Pigging Tools (Russian)
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