Uni-Sig Intrusive Pig Signaller

Pig signallers are used to provide confirmation of the movement of pipeline pigs through a pipeline. They are normally positioned at the pig launching and pig receiving stations and at key points along a pipeline.

Many operators choose the Pipeline Engineering Uni-Sig Intrusive Signaller as their preferred product, due to its simple design and interchangeability of parts.

The Uni-Sig range of pig signallers includes:

  • UniSig Boss Mounted Intrusive Signaller
  • UniSig Flange Mounted Intrusive Signaller
  • UniSig Valve Mounted Intrusive Signaller

Designed for ease of operation, these pig signallers are easy to install and maintain and can be removed under pressure when fitted with an isolation valve, and when used with a Pipeline Engineering Removal Tool.

Features of the Uni-Sig Intrusive Pig Signaller include:

  • Can be fitted to most existing signaller bosses, for greater flexibility
  • Can be fitted to all sizes of pipeline over 2" in diameter
  • Provided with mechanical/visual indicator, electrical indicator, or a combination of both for maximum flexibility
  • Does not use dynamic seals, for low maintenance costs and emission controls
  • Can be fitted to operational pipelines using existing hot tapping systems (subject to pressure limitations), so the pipeline can continue to operate
  • Bi-directional or Omni-directional trigger mechanisms available
  • Can be used with Foam Pigs, Metal Bodied Pigs, Polyurethane Pigs and Spheres

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Intrusive Omni Directional Pig Signaller
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