Technical, factory and maintenance training are critical processes for a range of CIRCOR Energy customers. To ensure proper usage and care of our products for best results, we provide world-class support and service, from valves to liquid level controllers to pipeline pigging and flow assurance, to installation and repair.

Training is geared towards enhancing our customers' understanding of the engineering and technology involved in each project, and we offer both field based and office based training, and courses for both technical and/or commercial personnel.

Additionally, we offer our customers the opportunity to take part in a range of business and management improvement programs that may assist with their own approach to continuous improvement, including:

Kaizen Improvement Events

  • Two-day to week-long events that focus on furthering improvement of Lean manufacturing processes
  • At each event, a particular process is broken down into steps using various proven methods of analysis
  • Waste is identified and the given process is streamlined
  • Improvements identified at each event are immediately implemented, resulting in leaner, faster and more effective practices for Circor and our customers

Problem Solving Tool

  • Proprietary training system integrated across all business units at Circor, and is available to our customers as well
  • Immerses participants in the Circor Problem Solving System
  • Integral part of our drive for operational excellence and continued development of a Lean culture

We also recognize that to satisfy our customers' evolving and comprehensive needs, we must consistently improve the talents and capabilities of our employees. We therefore offer programs and lifelong continuing education opportunities on a global basis – from management, manufacturing, engineering and sales, to supply chain, human resources, quality assurance and procurement, and much more – with the understanding that the better we do our jobs, the more successful our customers can be.

At Circor Energy, we embrace obstacles, and we strive to train every interested customer and employee on how to identify and eliminate roadblocks to success. It is just another way that we are continuously improving flow control in the industries we serve.

For more information about our training programs, please contact us.