Butterfly Valves

CIRCOR Energy Butterfly Valves are economical in design and light in weight. This type of valve is typically used for isolating or regulating flow in low pressure industrial fluids, steam lines and water systems, e.g. oil, ethanol, water etc.

Our double offset high-performance wafer or lug design butterfly valve in ANSI Class 150 can be fully automated or manually operated. Our highly engineered triple offset high performance butterfly valve was designed to prevent damage to metal to metal sealing surfaces; widely used for industrial fluids, heavy oil and steam applications. Available in ANSI Class 150 in sizes from 1 1/2" to 60".

The high quality of materials used in the construction of our valves allows our products to be more corrosion resistant, longer lasting and safe for demanding applications. Our valves are manufactured under a rigid quality control system to assure quality, and above all, safety for our customers.

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Full Body

Brand Description Product Model Appropriate Applications
KF Valves 1pc - 2"-6" - CI - 200 WOG Series 2200 Multiple Industry Applications

Resilient Seated

Brand Description Product Model Appropriate Applications
KF Valves Wafer or Lug - 2"-36" - DI - 200 PSI (2"-12"), 150 PSI (14"-36") Series BG Multiple Industry Applications