Pressure Controllers

Pressure Controllers are high-precision instruments which can sense very low pressures (typically measured in inches of water column).  When set pressure is attained, the controller sends out an electric or pneumatic proportional signal (or “on-off” signal), which is relayed to a control valve that can be set to open, close, or modulate to a flow rate proportional to the signal. 

CIRCOR Energy manufacturers several configurations of pressure controllers designed to monitor and maintain a constant pressure in a pipeline or vessel.  These controllers are typically used in conjunction with our control valve offering and are available in proportional or proportional plus reset configuration.

Circor Energy’s pressure controllers (3300/3350/3360) are preferred by operators and technicians worldwide due to their reliability and durability.  Our pressure controllers are field reversible, vibration resistant, and we offer a wide range of Bourdon Tubes to meet our client’s ever changing demands.

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