Globe Valves – "T" Type Cast – SF GL600

Flanged from 2" to 12" - RF or RTJ

CIRCOR do Brasil manufactures globe valves with either Y, Angle or Direct passageways and with bolted, pressure seal or welded bonnets. Our globe valves are perfectly suited for frequent on / off applications due to the short travel of our disc between the open and closed positions.

Our valves are offered with options for mounting of automation accessories, such as pneumatic positioners, solenoids, limit switches, pressure gauges and others. The high quality of materials used in the construction of our valves allows our products to be more corrosion resistant, longer lasting and safe for demanding applications. Our valves are manufactured under a rigid quality control system to assure quality, and above all, safety for our customers.


  • ANSI Class 600
  • Flanged from 2" to 12" - RF or RTJ
  • Body materials available in cast carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steels
  • Optional alloy materials available by request
  • Flanged cover is screwed, threaded shaft up external, comes up, flanged ends, with faces as kickback ANSI B 16.5 finish slotted concentric ring or gasket type jta, prisoners as ASTM A 193 gr.B7 and nuts as ASTM A 194 gr.2h
  • Flexible graphite packing in the wired inconel, joints of the body / cover type ring jta carbon or stainless steel construction as BS1873, face to face as ANSI B 16.10
  • Other material options for the body:
    gr.Wc6 ASTM A 217, ASTM A 217 gr.Wc9, ASTM A 217 gr.C5 gr.Lcb ASTM A 352, ASTM A 351 gr. CF8 / CF 3, ASTM A 351 gr.CF8m / CF3m, gr.CF8c ASTM A 351, ASTM A 351 gr.Cg8m and other alloy upon request
  • Options for rod materials, shutter and site upon request
  • Provided with against prohibition, which allows for the replacement of packing with the valve in service
  • Valves under inspection and testing as a standard API 598
  • Other options of drives: manual gear reducer by side or top, by road to power through electric or pneumatic actuator.
  • Ends may be provided with bevelled butt weld according to ANSI B 16:25

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